Just who is Mark Swift?

A few weeks ago Mark Swift approached a member of Sheffield Anti-Fascists Network looking for info about the local EDL. He claimed that he was a long standing member of the anti fash in Sheffield and sent a friend request.

Now Sheffield, even though it’s a large city still has the small village feel where everybody knows somebody who knows somebody. It really isn’t difficult to check people out. A couple of phone calls, a few facebook messages to certain people and they all came up blank.

Marks profile which you can see here looks genuine enough. It dates back a couple of years and has likes and groups that wouldn’t be out of place on any anti-fascists page. Suspicions were strong enough that word was put out to keep Mark at arms length.

A few days later this screen grab started appearing on Yorkshire EDL sites.

mark swift edl grab

The bit that is circled is Marks facebook profile picture. This raised the question of why was Mark screen grabbing a Yorkshire based anti-fash and why did it end up on the EDL facebook pages?

This is Marco Spillioni, the South Yorkshire EDL organiser using the info to target a couple of anti-fash.
mark swift marco

At the time word was put about in the Yorkshire Anti-Fash scene as well as the Punk / Oi scene as these were the places Mark seemed to be targeting.

Since then it has become apparent that Mark is adding friends from all over the anti-fash movement.

If you have him as a friend on facebook our advice would be to block him.

Nobody can vouch for him.


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2 responses to “Just who is Mark Swift?”

  1. rose deery says :

    well all i can say is the edl must be very afraid of the anti fash groups to try and infritate them

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